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The Veteran Entrepreneur Tribe


All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Business

As a member of the BLU University Veteran Entrepreneur Tribe (VET), we will teach you the skills to build on the ones you learned during your service. Our objective is to enable you to thrive as a civilian, not just survive. You will also have access to exclusive VET seminars, pitch events, and networking events.

BLU can greatly increase your success, even in active duty status, when it comes to launching and funding your own product idea or starting a new company.

The job market continues shrinking on a global scale, due to advancements in technology, software, and robotics. Many veterans are under employed and not achieving their full earning potential.

The only real source of security in today’s ever changing business climate is learning the skill sets that it will take to create your own job and to provide jobs for others. When you have the knowledge to put yourself into a position to provide jobs, you have security.


A few advantages BLU University can give you...

• How to help veterans adjust back to civilian life and thrive instead of surviving
• Learn the A-Z rules for running a successful business
• In depth courses on Sales and Marketing
• How to increase leads or traffic to your business
• How to get funding for your product idea or business
• Courting investors and what they need to see
• How to attract powerful alliances
• How to negotiate anything
• How to put systems in place and streamline
• How to become a sought after speaker
• How to become a published author
• How economics works
• How to manage money
• How to create wealth in 5 years or less
• And much, much more

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